A&A Protective Services Security Professionals protect the human, intellectual and physical assets of our customers and their visitors and guests. A&A is committed to providing a full range of cutting edge technology and custom tailored security services to all our customers. Our security services are specifically designed to meet each customer’s unique needs By:
  • Understanding that the safety and protection of our personnel and the personnel of our clients must remain our highest priority at all times.
  • A&A Protective Services delivers comprehensive security solutions of exceptional value through physical security survey's of each and every property, drafting extremely detailed written instructions for all employee's that stress the urgency and importance of each assignment, recommending physical changes to job site's such as lighting, cameras, alarms, motion detectors etc..
  • Unlike most security companie's, we train our field supervisors and "Rovers" on your job site before we need them. This ensures consistency of service.
  • A&A Protective Services is very much a "Set it in place and forget it" service. You won't have to manage us, rather we will be there to make your job easier and support you on a daily basis.

The Best Security is characterized by incident reduction and appropriate response to unavoidable events. Our elite force of Security Professionals extends reliable, effective, and courteous protection across a variety of client industries, including:

» Shopping Centers
» Colleges & Universities
» Commercial Real Estate
» Financial Institutions
» Government Services
» Healthcare Facilities
» Manufacturing & Industrial
» Residential Communities
» Restaurants
» Entertainment Venues
» Sports Venues

» Construction Sites

A&A Protective Services carefully assesses each client’s unique security requirements, ensuring that skilled Security Professionals are matched most appropriately to specific roles and responsibilities.

Excellence means the best people, comprehensive learning and close management. A&A Protective Services takes an intelligent approach to security services by maintaining the highest standards in the industry. We exceed client expectations because we employ the best people, use cutting edge learning and development systems, and stress partnership-minded management.

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