Thank you for taking the time to consider A&A Protective Services for your security needs. 2011 is currently on pace to become our most successful year as A&A Protective Services goes NATIONAL providing National Securiy Services all over the United States of America. A&A Protective Services is an innovative leader in providing quality security services Nationwide. We have well trained qualified armed and unarmed uniformed Security Professionals. We pride ourselves in providing the best responsive customer service to all our clients. To top that we also have state-of-the-art technology equipment to help manage effectively all our clients security needs.

Our belief is that client service, management accountability and thoroughly trained and well-supervised Security Professionals are the elements of our service that are critical to our success. Our management team possesses over 133 years of security experience. Each of our managers is responsible for analyzing our operation as well as the industry in which we compete in an effort to identify problems, provide solutions and improve upon the level of service that our clients receive.

We study the services provided by our competitors and the needs of our clients. We study our labor supply to determine what it finds important in choosing an employer. We even study employment trends in order to retain quality security personnel.

This passion for knowledge and ever-improving service has resulted in a security service that cannot be matched by our competitors.

Specifically, we have learned that most companies in the security industry mistakenly focus on sales and not on client service. After acquiring a new client, the typical security company spends its energy trying to acquire new clients and fails to pay proper attention to its existing clients. Often, clients of the typical security company feel like they receive less attention after signing a contract than they received prior to signing a contract.

Believing that referrals are the easiest and most cost-efficient method of gaining new clients, we strive to provide a level of client service that cannot be matched in today's private security industry. We accomplish this by meeting with clients on a regular basis in order to address the smallest of issues. Our management responds to client concerns quickly and with ultimate authority.

Our experience has also taught us that clients desire prompt access to management who are actually accountable for the quality of service provided.

In response, we have established a service that enables the client to speak with any member of our management team with in fifteen minutes of leaving an urgent message. This service is free and is available 24 hours, every day of the year.

Finally, we have learned that the industry's high security officer turnover rate and poor security officer training standards frustrate most clients. Frequently, clients encounter incompetence when substitute security officers are assigned to their properties.

Our management team has solved these problems by designing a comprehensive training, testing and supervision program that is the most effective in the industry. Our program has resulted in reduced security officer turnover, increased security officer performance and clients who renew contracts with us year after year.These issues and others are addressed in the following pages. However, if you have a question, please pick up the phone and call me directly 1-877-Guard-AA. I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

Steve Farid
Corporate Office: A&A Protective Services, 4431 W. Rosecrans Ave., Suite 200, Hawthorne, CA 90250 TEL: 1-877-Guard-AA FAX: 310-263-2535
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